Friday, October 12, 2012

The Kitchen Table

Christina here.

When I realized what this month's blog topic was, I was kind of at a loss. Common household items have never really grabbed my attention, not unless I need the colander or something. My brain is usually stuck in the 8th century B.C. or the 19th century. Yes, even in my here and now.

It's typical of me to obsess over my stories. If I get stuck, I go start a load of laundry. If I remain stuck I sweep, do the dishes, clean the bathroom. All those things are on auto pilot while I'm plotting ways to torment my characters.

One thing that seems to be a constant, whether I'm writing an historical romance set in Israel or a romantic suspense set in Kansas, is the table.

The Graphics Fairy
Yes, they've changed over the centuries from leather pieces, to stone, to intricately carved wood, to the simpler styles we see today, but it seems as if they've always been around. And they've always been a gathering place.

A place to eat.
A place to gather one's thoughts.
A place to talk.
A place to talk war.
A place to talk peace.
A place to draft documents.
A place to build models.
A place to rebuild carburetors. 
A place to do homework.
A place to sew.
A place to sort.
A place to make cookies.
A place to store junk mail.
A place to string popcorn for Christmas.
A place to give thanks.
A place to pray with friends.
A place to commune with the Lord.

There are so many things the kitchen table has been used for, the list of items is endless. Many of these things have been done by many people across the generations. All of them are things I've done. Yes, even talk war and peace. International wars and spiritual wars.

What are some of the things you've done at the kitchen table?


  1. We played board games and put together jigsaw puzzles :)

  2. I forgot about puzzles. We have a tradition. Every Christmas break we buy new puzzles and put them together.

  3. We've held Bible-studies, birthday parties, I use my table to stand on to clean the light fixtures or to paint places I can't reach with a roller. I use it as another kitchen bench in the height of bottling (canning) season when I run out benchspace to hold jars, and I've got 6m/19feet of bench space, so that's saying a lot. We do schoolwork around the table, play games, and of course, talk. :)

  4. Jennifer took my idea -- puzzles. That's the fun item. A not fun project on the table - organize stuff for taxes.